White Cement

Ekobeyaz Cement (White Limestone Cement)

imsa EkoBeyaz aims at becoming a global brand in the white cement sector like imsa Super White. It is the ultimate choice to highly meet the expectations of the construction, building, chemicals and filling sectors. EkoBeyaz features consistently high whiteness (minimum 85) for the best color adjustment, lower shrinkage and thermal hydration to reduce plastic cracks on the surface and strength up to the 42.5R standard.

The production of EkoBeyaz to the above standards is only made possible after rigorous research and improvement of the production and quality processes. Before the introduction of EkoBeyaz, customer requirements for high whiteness could only be met by imsa Super White.

EkoBeyaz is now offered to customers as an alternative that is at the same time more economical, more practical and more ecological.

Portland Limestone Cement is in the category TS EN 197-1-CEM II/B-L 42,5R. and contains approximately 25% high quality and pure marble dust. The cement, with an 86% whiteness average, is classified in the early compressive strength cement category.

Ekobeyaz provides high resistance to alkaline reactions and has a high level of impermeability. It is used in pre-cast applications, ready plaster, adhesive, pointing and grout filling materials, city furniture, floor tile production, and all kinds of artistic applications

White Portland Cement

TS 21 BP 52,5N cement possesses the properties of super white portland cement and is markedly above standard values in terms of chemical, physical and performance properties. Its average degree of whiteness is 85.5% and it has the highest comprehensive strength of all the white and gray portland cements sold in Turkey.

It is resistant to alkaline aggregate reactions and it provides solidity, as well as exquisite appearance in structural materials used in all kinds of works of art and architecture.

  Calcium Aluminate Cement (ISIDAÇ)

The calcium aluminate cement is up to EN 14647 Standard and contains 40% aluminate. Isida 40 cement is applicable in extremely cold weather (-10 C) because of high hydration heat feature The pressure strength for 6 hours is 22- 40 MPa. This cement is used in airport runways, bridges, dams, highway and road construction, mining, pipe and wastewater engineering, and internal covering of sewage systems, due to its high resistance to chemical reactions and in industrial furnaces, stairs, lintels and beams, floor coverings which need to be completed in a very short time frame, plaster and various repair works and concrete elements which may be exposed to sulphurized water or sea water. It is also highly popular in the refracting industry, in the production of refracting plasters, ovens, and fireplaces.

Furthermore, when mixed with portland cement, calcium aluminate cement can also be used in repair work and blocking water leaks from doors and windows.

White Cement Analysis Report

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